Fire fountains ignite water on fire, creating a spectacular effect and ambiance. Very few people have witnessed this visual paradox as it only exists in a handful of large-scale installations. I'm Louis Noel, and I started Flumos to engineer fire fountains in a smaller size with the vision of bringing them to high-end residential and commercial outdoor spaces.

Since our inception in 2020, Flumos has successfully built three iterations of the fire fountain. The first two are prototypes proving the concept, and the most recent is the design for production. Flumos is engineered for safety and reliability. Handcrafted from aluminum and glass, we create beautiful works of art.

In six months, we will receive CSA certification on our fire fountain and bring it to market. Our fire fountains will be available in a variety of styles. One of our upcoming products is the fire fountain table designed for people to sit around and enjoy the multi-sensory experience more intimately. No more complex than a gas grill but luxurious in fit and finish, Flumos fire fountains are the most unique accessory for up-scale contemporary landscaping and outdoor living areas.

Our initial sales strategy hinges on partnerships. We would appreciate introductions to key individuals and companies in landscaping, architecture, and interior design. Thank you.

◉ (01) Recognition

Flumos has been featured at the Bayou Startup Showcase, on an outdoor patio at a high-end audio store, and on a scenic rooftop.

◉ (02) Notable Clients

We have not taken any customer orders yet as I am waiting on CSA certification. Please inquire if you are interested in joining a waitlist.